Whale-Watching: Nova Scotia is top destination in eastern North America for whale watching, in terms of both the variety of species that can be seen and the sheer number of whales. The warm waters of the Gulf stream pass close by the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy, creating an up-welling of organic material, which in turn leads to plankton that attracts whales. From spring to late fall, the mouth of the Bay of Fundy is a feeding ground for some of the largest whales on earth, including fin whales, humpbacks, and the extremely rare Atlantic right whale. Smaller minkes, dolphins and porpoises are common place. Whales are abundant in all of the coastal waters of Nova Scotia as they journey to and from their feeding and calving grounds. Don’t miss your opportunity to observe these beautiful giants in their natural habitats.

Also you must not miss your chance to see the clowns of our local seabird population. These beautiful little comics are definitely a sight to behold.

Combine a visit to Peggy’s Cove with our Whale & Nature tour. This is a two for the price of one combination tour. Duration is about 5 hours including stops for several must-have scenic photographs.

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