This tour is for the cowboys and cowgirls in our group. All ages are welcome for this outdoor adventure. My family members (wife and children) think I should encourage all families to visit this farm as there is adventure and fun for people of all ages on this tour.

We will leave the piers or your designated point of departure @ 10:05am or thereabout for the early bird round. However, you could choose to go at your own time, this is highly recommended for advanced riders in our group. For the newer riders we will choose to be at the farm at a certain time.

The tour is $99.00 US per person including all transportation to and from the farm. If you are visiting with children and other family members, I will encourage you to take this tour as they are all part of the vacation and will have something to tell their friends about. Don’t forget your camera. You will want to be sure and capture your Child’s first horseback riding experience.

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