Some of the prettiest summer vacation homes located in Nova Scotia are found in Chester. It is considered the sailing capital of Canada and it’s also nearby is one of the world’s most famous buried treasure sites. We will explore the beautiful seashore, visit the captain’s house for a cup of tea and drive along Mahone Bay. Visiting Mahone Bay is like stepping back in time, to a gentler era of the 1800’s.

What makes Mahone Bay so appealing? The people. Mahone Bay was founded in 1754 by Germans, Swiss and French Protestants, the town grew and became a ship building center and has now become known for its relaxing parks, great waterfront views and wooded areas laced with walking trails all within the town itself. No wonder the towns people pride themselves as the most welcoming people on the great shores of Atlantic Canada. Settlers still come from all over the world to live here. Come with us… let’s go see why.

Lunenburg will always remain one of our favorite spots on this tour. Founded in 1752, it is the oldest German settlement in Canada. Picturesque Lunenburg offers a variety of galleries, natural beauty and warm hospitality No wonder the old Town of Lunenburg was chosen as a U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage Site. With its stately buildings and the world renown Lunenburg academy, this is where we stop for lunch. There are fine restaurants that can cater to all the seafood enthusiasts in our group, especially fresh cooked lobster or lobster rolls.

We will go for a walk along the waterfront and visit the fisherman’s memorial, as well as, get some pictures. On our way back to Halifax, we will drive on the Highway #103. The approximate time for the whole tour is about seven (7) hours.

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